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Karen's Drive Info 2.3

Karen’s Drive Info gives the information about all drives of your computer
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Karen’s Drive Info belongs to a type of software that was developed for giving users whole statistics about all functional elements of their computers. It can help in solving different problems with performance that happen from time to time. This tiny utility gives you the detailed information about all drives of your computer: hard drives, CD drives, DVD drives. Every time when you start this application it needs some time for analyzing your system. After analyzing is finished you will see the programs' main window that contains all information you need. You can explore such information about each drive like type, drive size, space used, space free, file compression type, cluster size, max filename and many more. For more convenient exploring of this information you can swap columns and rows. You can also copy all this data into clipboard for further pasting into any document. For repeated system analyze you don’t have to close and to open Karen’s Drive Info again. You can just use the button “Refresh” to explore any changes in condition of your drives. The program perfectly suits for both home users and advanced users.

Ilya Barmenkov
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